Unlock the power of team dynamics. Bring home more championships.

Our 35-level assessment of team dynamics and mental sports skills gives you a deeper understanding of your athletes sports IQ so that you can not only fill the roles needed to create a championship team, but also draw out the highest levels of athletic performance.

Our Mental Sports Assessments
Evaluate the Following:

• Performance Mentality
• Emotional Sports Intelligence
• Winning Habits
• Leadership and Interpersonal Skills
• Responses to Challenges
• Coachability

Performance Mentality

Personality on the field, mental toughness, aggressiveness, work ethic, competitiveness, moral values, self-determination and more.

Leadership & Interpersonal Skills

Innate approach to interactions; characteristics that drive leadership of teammates and collaboration with coaching staff.

Responses to Challenges

Reaction to adversity, mistakes and anxiety, and the impact of these factors on performance.

Emotional Sports Intelligence

Self-awareness of strengths and weaknesses, self-control and the capacity to understand oth-ers and their environment.

Winning Habits

Capacity and methodologies used for motivation, goal setting and self-evaluation.


Trust, adaptability, openness to feedback and criticism, player/coach relationship, passion to learn and more.
Intuitive dashboard to manage your team and recruits assessment reports.

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Compare player and recruit HIVE IQ results, get a clearer picture of likely player dynamics, build a better team.


Ready to step up your game? Start with sending your athletes the HIVE Skills IQ Assessment below, receive their reports to your dashboard, evaluate their mental sports IQ, and begin building your next championship team.
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Send email invites to 25+ players or recruits. Manage invites and results from your dashboard. Reference HIVE Skills IQ results at any time.

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